May the 4th be with you !!

Horizon Space Shooter has been publicly released
for Android and iOS mobile devices !

/backgrounds/Icone-384-384-GooglePlayStore-coins-arrondis.pngToday, May 4th 2018, is the day of the public release of our super fast paced futuristic shoot'em up game Horizon Space Shooter.
Inspired by the arcade classics, Horizon Space Shooter is a futuristic shoot'em up action game taking place in space.
You control a battleship and protect the galaxy against its invaders. But the task will not be easy and you will have to focus on your reaction-time and decision making skills. It can seem difficult at first, but this game is based on self training to improve your playing capacities and your score !
The principle is to destroy waves of enemies by means of a laser cannon while moving on the screen.
By progressing in the game, you will also improve your offensive and defensive capabilities and upgrade your battleship.
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★★★ Features ★ ★ ★
* High intensity levels with HD graphics and progressive difficulty.
* Unlock 4 difficulty modes.
* Face a variety of enemies and formidable bosses.
* Collect energy cores from your destroyed enemies.
* Go over and compare your best score to the other players'.
* Unlock and pilot several ships with unique characteristics.
* Discover the soundtracks and an incredible musical universe.
* Playable in landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) modes.
* Regular content updates.
* With integrated support of Google Play Games and Apple Game Center.
/backgrounds/Image-512x256-GooglePlayStore.pngThe current version is not representative of the final quality of the game, and we will seamlessly continue our work on pre-existing content while adding new features.
If you like the game or if you have any questions or problems, we invite you to contact our customer service using our Contact pageWe read carefully all your comments in order to continuously improve this game.
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